We are at the forefront of introducing AI to the construction industry.
We committed to digitalizing construction management for advanced solutions.

Our Story

BuildSuite's inception in November 2022 marked the beginning of a transformative journey led by Hemanth and Rugma. Hemanth, a distinguished IIT Delhi alumnus in Industrial Design, possesses over seven years of experience in product design. His keen eye for design and industry knowledge laid the foundation for BuildSuite.

Rugma, with her remarkable blend of research and design expertise and a unique ability to connect with people, became an invaluable asset to the team. Her insights and innovative thinking further enriched the company's vision.

As the AI revolution gained momentum, BuildSuite harnessed this potential, officially incorporating as Infraholic Innovations Private Limited in June 2023. This expansion allowed the company to leverage cutting-edge technologies and AI innovations, adding new dimensions to its mission.

With a dedicated and enthusiastic team, BuildSuite is determined to revolutionize the construction industry. We aspire to lead the sector into a more efficient, cohesive, and modern era. Join us as we shape the future of construction with innovation and dedication.

What We Do

BuildSuite specializes in providing advanced construction management software that helps streamline every facet of your construction project. From project planning to budget management, site supervision, and analytics, our technology is tailored to meet the unique demands of the construction industry.

Our Vision

Transforming the Construction Industry with Innovative Technology

Our Mission

Creating Efficient Project Management Solutions for Construction Excellence

What Makes Us Unique

We stand out through innovation. Our platform integrates AI, featuring a virtual assistant for civil engineering and project queries. We believe in smart technology, aiming to revolutionize construction management. we're shaping the future of construction management. Welcome to the next generation of the industry.

Meet our team

Meet the team behind the evolution of construction management at BuildSuite. Our diverse expertise drives innovation and efficiency.
Hemanth Raveendran Co founder and CEO
Hemanth Raveendran
Co-founder & CEO
IIT Delhi alum, Industrial Designer, with a track record in innovative SaaS products.
Rugma Ravi
Co-founder & COO
A research expert, excels in people management and user centric product designing.
Siddharth Pai
Technology Consultant
10+ years experienced technical lead. Expert in futuristic product development.
Afsal Ashraf
Technology consultant
Over a decade of experience in cloud architecture, worked with giants such as Xerox and Walmart.